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Legal Credit Aid Now

Attorney Aided Credit Repair and Restoration By LCAN, Inc..

Legal Credit Aid Now

Legal Credit Aid Now, Inc. (a.k.a. LCAN, Inc.) is a Texas based corporation, registered with the State of Texas Credit Services Organization, license number 20150013. The staff of LCAN, Inc. has been assisting clients throughout the country, dramatically improve their credit standing since 1996. Our attorney aided services make use of the consumer credit acts, passed by congress, to back the 3 credit bureaus and creditors into a legal corner and permanently remove negative accounts, which have lowered your credit score.

Under the Fair Debt Practices Act (FDPA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) creditors are required by law to go through numerous steps prior to reporting information about you , to the three (3) credit bureaus. When the credit bureaus receive information concerning your credit history from the creditors, there are even more steps they are required to do.  All of these required steps are not followed. Independent research found that approximately seventy (70) percent of all credit reports have errors that can have a major effect on individual credit scores.

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