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Harry Bradley is a native Houstonian. During the past 37 years, he has been a real estate agent, owned a large independent real estate office and a national franchise real estate office. Harry was recruited by a loan officer friend to enter the residential mortgage industry,  where he  served for approximately eleven (11) years. Near the end of his mortgage career, he discovered attorney aided credit restoration. Harry has  been involved in attorney credit restoration for more than eleven (12) years. This is one of the most  rewarding positions he has ever had. It is very exciting to show families the services that can change their financial stability for years to come, simply by helping them improve their credit history.

Continuing education is key to staying on top of industry changes and being able to provide the correct answers to our clients questions. Change is the one constant in the credit and finance industry. Staying on top of these changes, allows Harry to direct people in the right direction, to improve their standard of living. It is extremely satisfying to be able to help individuals and families achieve their financial dreams.

Bill Spragg

William P. Spragg, Co-owner. Bill spent over 25 years in mortgage banking and is considered to be a CREDIT EXPERT. His experience includes financing autos, being a mortgage loan officer, being a stockholder in one of Texas' largest mortgage banks. For the past 11 years, he has been helping consumers get out of challenging credit issues and assisting them in raising their credit scores. His vast knowledge of consumer credit laws, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the CFPB, has led him to be the first choice of many lenders, Realtors and consumers, to help obtain  financing.

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