We know that life throws a lot of challenges at us. Sometimes, bad things happen that we have no control over - job layoffs, medical emergencies, divorce, business failures, unforeseen family disasters, etc. The credit bureaus and circulated myths would have you believe negative accounts must stay on your credit report for seven (7) years and public records must stay on your credit report for ten (10) years. If you do nothing, that is the maximum time negative information MAY stay on your credit report. Unverifiable / unvalidated information can be deleted any time. You have been sentenced to "Credit Prison" and you didn't even get a trial.Legal Credit Aid Now doesn't feel that is in your best interest and you should be outraged.

One of the keys to permanently removing negative accounts from a credit report is to remember that every account was placed on your report voluntarily and it can be removed voluntarily. There is no law requiring a creditor to report information to a credit bureau. The credit bureaus are not part of any government agency.

Our success is built on our reputation.You can count on an honest evaluation of your credit report. If you are serious about improving your current credit situation, Legal Credit Aid Now can help. It doesn't happen over night, it just takes time.

We provide a written 100% money back warranty, on our services. If we are unable to delete any negative accounts from your report in the first three (3) months of your membership, you will receive 100% of your monthly payments refunded to you.

How important is your credit history? Most people think about improving credit scores only when purchasing a home becomes important.  Credit is also important for job applications and promotions, buying a car (well qualified buyers on auto loans usually require scores of 720 or better), getting the best interest rates on credit cards, security deposits for utilities and even the ability to rent an apartment. Good to excellent credit determines almost everything we do in life.

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